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CV's should be well written and concise. Preparing a well written CV
can be the difference between being offered an interview and rejection.



  CV Advice

The first steps It is essential your CV portrays the best description of your experiences and is presented in a professional manner. You may offer the exact skills and experiences a company is in search of. However if your CV does not sell your skills you will be overlooked and candidates who may not be as suitable as you may gain an advantage.


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Interview Preparation Advice

This could be your only chance to provide the ultimate “sales pitch” on you! In our experience we have found some candidates love to talk about themselves whilst being interviewed but we are also aware that many of you find this task nerve- wracking, and arduous.
Our consultants will give you all the advice and information we can but you also need to do your own research and preparation before the interview.
Be yourself, honest and positive.

Good Luck!

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