Top ten CV tips
CV's should be well written and concise. Preparing a well written CV can be the difference between being offered an interview and rejection. Please see our top ten tips listed below.



Top ten tips

  1. Try not to write a biography - 2 pages should be sufficient!
  2. Start with you most recent positions
  3. List your job title, company name and duties
  4. List your hobbies and Interests
  5. Understand the job you are applying for and make sure you use similar terminology when detailing skills.
  6. You may at times have to emphasise different sections of your CV, which means editing and refining your CV template
  7. Your CV should be easy to read – use bullet point formats when describing duties and key achievements.
  8. Check your spelling and grammar.
  9. Include a covering letter (only where necessary) this should include your key skills and experiences for specific roles.
  10. Please try to refrain from using photocopies – original or emailed CV’s are better for our consultants to sell your skills.
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